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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now, at 11:00, former football star is facing criminals accused of a disturbing crime last year at his former south bay home. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. for the first time, former san francisco 49 dana stubblefield answered publicly to rape allegations interest a disabled woman. >> stephanie chuang was there. she has more. >> reporter: here at dana stubblefield's church in san jose is where his attorneys said
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this was set to be from the get-go a trial in the media, not in a courtroom. and that he was arrested in front of his kids, at his kids' school yesterday when he would have turned himself in, given the chance. take a listen as stubblefield made a quick comment off the top of the press conference himself. he highlighted the fact that these accusations of rape involve a woman allegedly developmentally disabled is what makes this even tougher to take. >> i'm here to state, without any reservation, that i'm completely innocent of all of these allegations. one of my primary charities is special olympics, something true and dear to my heart. this is why these allegations hurt me so badly. >> reporter: stubblefield and his attorneys went on to say this woman is not a disable woman. a court accepted a plea for her in a family dispute case which does not happen in a court does not consider this person able on his or her own.
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we caught stubblefield walking out of jail after he posted $250,000 bond yesterday. all of this stems from april 2015 when a then-31-year-old woman said she interviewed for a baby-sitting job at home. after 20-minute interview the woman got a text from stubblefield telling her he wanted to pay her for her time, when she returned, he paid her $80 and that's when the allegation rape occurred. >> if they truly believe that they had somebody dangerous walking around, would they let that person walk around for a year? so much suspicious that we're headed towards an election for an attorney general's position that this district attorney wants to have. >> stubblefield's team says it's a scheme to get fast cash off the star, they learned six to eight weeks ago about the accusations, the police report and the rape kit that was done a
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year ago. adding that the woman texted stubblefield 23 times after the alleged rape for almost a week, the claim she kept asking for money and that was shown in a packet that the attorneys gave to the media here before the press conference began. also, in this packet of information is a lie detector test result in an independent test done back in march of this year. one of the questions that was asked to stubblefield was, did you, on april 8, 2015, force blank to have sexual intercourse with you? the response was no, one of eight questions asked. and the results show no deception indicated. so this is one of the things that is coming out from the stubblefield defense team today. his next court date is set for morgan hill courtroom on june 3rd for his arraignment when he's set to enter his plea. live in san jose, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you.
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more details now, after dane sta stubblefield left the 49ers worked as assistant coach for valley christian school 2005-2008 and the school sent me this statement this morning -- dana stubblefield has not at any time been an employee of valley christian school for the past 6 1/2 years. mr. stubblefield did take some steps towards rejoining the staff in 2014, however, he chose to not complete the steps in our comprehensive hiring process and, therefore, he did not join our staff. >> in other news, new at 11:00, big win for medical marijuana patients and activists in the east away the u.s. attorneys office is dropping the case against the harbor side health center. in 2012 the u.s. attorney filed civil forfeiture actions against harbor side. the city sided with the clinic and sued. supporters are happy the health center is in the clear. deadly shooting overnight on the streets of east palo alto, blocks away from facebook
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headquarters. and now, we know that victim is a 27-year-old man. it happened after 1:00 this morning on tulane avenue. the victim was standing outside when hit by one bullet. the victim was treated at the scene but declared dead there. he has not been identified, and police have not released any information regarding a suspect. the mother of rap legend tupac shakur, known as bay area activist died at home in salsa lito. deputies responded to her home around 9:30. she was transported to marin general hospital, where she was pronounced dead almost an hour later. the 69-year-old was a member of the black panthers and served 11 months in prison, during which time she was pregnant with the future rap star. she's being remembered as a respected and longtime member of the community. >> tupac had come to this
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community years ago as a result of the fact she and other members lived in marin city, southern marin county. again, well-loved, well-respected by many people in this community. >> one year after tupac's death in 1996, she founded the tupac foundation which champions youth art programs and oversaw his unreleased material. turning to microclimate forecast, there's a cooldown in the bay area. tracking a chance of rain this week. >> a live look at golden gate bridge and the bay bridge and the conditions there. they're variable. let's go to meteorologist kari hall. how soon do we need to find our umbrella again. >> i think you'll be able to dust it off tomorrow. meantime, mostly cloudy skies. clouds over the bay area throughout the day. and you can see that, as we take look at golden gate bridge. no rain today, and tomorrow will be the day we'll see showers moving in. temperatures are now in the low 60s and some upper 50s for the
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city, 64 degrees in livermore and san jose. also the a's game tonight, and next door the warriors playing about the same time. at first pitch for the baseball game, 63 degrees and 59 degrees by the end of the game. again, rain holds off today but that may not be the case tomorrow. i'll detail that coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thanks. in an hour and a half, a hunger strike, protesting excessive use of police force will move to san francisco city hall. five people who have been on a hunger strike outside the mission police station for nearly two weeks now. demonstrator ares anger over recent police shooting. yesterday, the group turned down an offer to meet with mayor lee. no wore if they will meet with the mayor now. san francisco voters, next month, will be able to weigh in on the transparency of their police department. the supervisor introduced.
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p proposition d in january, requiring every police shooting investigated by san francisco's watchdog group, office of citizens complaint, in addition to the district attorney's office, which normally decides on criminal charges. usually the occ only gets involved when a citizen's complaint is filed. developing story in iraq, where in the last few hours we confirmed that a navy s.e.a.l. was killed battling isis fighters in iraq. it happened today in the northern iraqi city of erbil. a u.s. military official said the navy s.e.a.l. was killed working as an adviser to kurdish peshmerga troops. he was killed by direct fire after isis forces penetrated the forward line. today, the defense secretary says that the fight must go on. >> it shows you the serious fight that we have to wage in iraq, there are american service
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members involved. >> the u.s. respond with more than 20 air strikes. dozens of detroit public schools are closed for a second day in a row. mass teacher sick outs forced it to shut down. the district says it will not be able to pay teachers' salaries past june 30th. the district's been under state oversight since 2009 and led by a series of managers who tried to cut down onit to's debt. silicon valley gives under way, the bay area's 24-hour online giving day to support local charities. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in santa clara how you can help. i get you got another number. good morning. >> reporter: we do have another number. this started at midnight. when you checked in at 5:00. it was 1.2 million. now $2.77 million.
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not bad for half a day's work. it's going to help hundreds of local nonprofits. go from right to left. you got art in action here. you got susan coyne, how will this money help your academy. >> this money will support students who have been diagnosed with learning differences and are in the autism spectrum and support their learning with technology and play material. >> reporter: thank you. you've got the boys and girls club in silicon valley, team success. how's the month ninth going help your organization? >> it's going to help us for scholarships and for teen moms and i'm one of the winners to get the scholarship this year. >> reporter: oh, congratulations. >> thank you. >> it's going to help me with my education at the college i'm attending. >> reporter: congratulations. raising a reader. nice to see you here. we've got michelle.
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what -- how will the money help? >> right now, here in san zoe we provide over 35,000 meals a month for low-income seen krors and homeless. this will help reach further into the community and provide more feemeals to those in need. >> reporter: a sampling over 1,000 local nonprofits from a the communities. go online, 24-hour marathon effort. this is the third year. recalling over the past couple of years, they've raised $16 million. to at least keep that momentum going, you want to hit the $7 million to $8 million mark. you can see we're a third of the way there. here we are be just before noon. hopefully lunch crowd helps out and maybe evening rush tonight. website or santa clara safeway, one in san mateo.
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>> tesla may be expanding into the tri-valley. we'll show you how much property the electric car darling snapped up amid the livermore venue. the presidential front-runners can't be unseeded no matter what happens in indiana. we'll talk about what ted cruz and bernie sanders are hoping to gain. esla may be moving into
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livermore. =scott/vo= tesla may be moving into livermore. see in welcome back. dow strilts lo industrials losi points. apple doing well after eight straight trading days of losses. tesla may be moving into livermore. the silicon valley business journal is reporting, tesla will lease two buildings with 1 million square feet of space. that's about 17 football fields. the buildings are near 580 and isabel avenue. tesla's not commenting on the expansion but, of course, tesla already has a factory, you've passed by it on 880 many times, i'm sure. you can think to yourself, maybe they need more factory space, and that's possible. but the factory, this one here,
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remember, it used to be a massive toyota/gm joint venture and it's enormous. when tesla moved in it painted the logo on the side. but it only took up a teeny part of the facility. when that factory was numi it had a capacity of 500,000 cars a year. last year tesla made 50,000 cars tenth of the factory's previous capacity. we're mystified as to why they needed new space. a blogger figured out the building san francisco's zynga occupies is worth about the same as the company itself. when you take the company's market cap and subtract cash it had on hand, admittedly it has a lot of cash, you get the value of the company itself. zynga is worth half a billion. if the building's worth $540 million which the blogger says it is, the building is worth more than the company. tsa says lack of employees and new security procedures have led it to predict the peak
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travel months of july and office will be downright terrible. 600 passengers missed their flight recently in charlotte when the security line went past three hours and talking about three-hour waits at some of the major airports throughout the united states this summer. i looked it up, peak waiting time generally on average for space mountain is 50 minutes. >> my goodness. perhaps disney should run the tsa. >> maybe so. >> i will say, we were at mineta san jose a couple weeks ago, they did have signs saying if you want shorter wait times, write your congress person. >> they need more people. >> trying to activate those of white house travel. >> by tonight the campaign may be over for all but one or some of the presidential candidates. nation's attention is on indiana as the primary polls open there this morning. and nbc news' edward lawrence is
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in washington. >> reporter: voters are flocking to the polls in indiana, where in this open primary, even registered independents can participate. senator ted cruz has drawn a line in the sand, making a stand against donald trump in the hoosier state. >> indiana faces a choice and it's a choice not just for the state, not just for the republican party, but for the entire country. >> reporter: cruz's vice presidential pick pushed for last-minute votes at a pancake house. >> thank you for getting up on a rainy day. >> reporter: a new national nbc news/survey monkey poll shows trump increasing his lead 56%. 34 points ahead of cruz. >> lyin' ted does not have the temperament to be doing this. >> reporter: for democrats, senator bernie sanders says he will not bow out of the race, hitting hillary clinton again about money she got from wall street. >> you know, i think if you give a speech for $225,000 for an
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hour's work or 20 minutes' work, it must be an unbelievably brilliant speech. >> reporter: clinton, in west virgin virginia, trying to persuade coal miners she's on their side. >> i'm going to get up every single day to figure out what to do to help you. >> reporter: indiana voters find themselves the next stop of a highly contested race. at this point, senator bernie sanders' goal to move hillary clinton's platform to the left because he likely will not win the nomination. edward lawrence, nbc news. today is the deadline for ballots in a special mail-in only elections. 2011 voter as proved a parcel tax for the high school district. measure a, which the deadline is today, would extend that tax for another eight years. about 30,000 ballots were sent to voters in los gatos, saratoga. it immediates two-thirds
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majority to pass. focus on boosting accountability in the police department. in recent months police have faced criticism over accusation of excessive force. recently another scandal involving bigoted and homophobic text messages among police officers. the mischief will attend the meeting on measures to enhance accountability and transparency. meanwhile, san jose police department has a new crisis invention program. yesterday, it announced that it will be mandatory for all ofs with the goal of giving them a better understanding of people suffering from mental illness. this is annest f esnes efrts fo be better equipped to diffuse crisis situations. crisis intervention training would divert cases from the criminal justice system, channeling those folks towards health care solutions.
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terry joins us now. a bit of a cooldown. >> cooldown and more clouds today. then we get ready for showers. hopefully you've dusted off the umbrella. that is what you will need as we go into the next couple of days with scattered showers. it won't be a total washout. this will be common theme for the rest of the week. a lot of clouds over head as we take a live look now at san francisco. this storm system is starting to move in now, and we may see some of those spotty showers moving into the north bay. but i don't expect widespread rain once again. this will be enough to have you turning on the windshield wipers as it moves on spend the day looking at clouds. as that continues to move in, temperatures are cooler today. it is 59 degrees in san francisco. north bay at 62 degrees and 64 degrees now in the south bay. but as we drop and get a closer look at east bay now, walnut creek is at 67 degrees. dublin 68, livermore, 65.
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starting to warm up in some of the spots. and as we break it down for san francisco, mostly cloudy through rest of the day. 62 degrees there. and then, into the evening, still no changes as our temperatures slowly dip into the upper to mid to 50s, mid-50s for 9:00 tonight. if you're planning to head out tone to the warriors game looking good. mostly cloudy skies. 63 degrees. light winds in from the northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. a look at all microclimates. temperatures in the 60s, right aen lo the coast, and 70s inland. seven-day forecast bottom of the screen, you see -- we don't have major changes as far as temperatures but scattered showers moving in again. 70 palo alto, 60 presidio. 65 in santa rosa, livermore high of 73. a look at changes with the area of low pressure moving in. and this cold front that is right along the coast.
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this will be a very slow moving system, so that's the reason why we will have a few days of rain in the forecast. but this is not a strong system and it will have very limited amount of moisture. but still, just enough that may pop up some of those hit or miss showers and the potential of also thunderstorms heading into the friday as well as saturday. something to be watched. by by the end of the weekend, high pressure moves in, things will dry out and warm up. we'll talk about the weekend and we'll look ahead to even early next week. that's coming up later. >> all right. thank you very much. next, old equipment could lead to new problems. oakland firefighters make a plea to be better prepared for a major disaster. happening now, closely following arrest of former 49ers star, dana stubblefield. our cameras caught him leaving the main jail yesterday. we have a slide show and stubblefield's previous legal
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problems. bob redell live for silicon valley gives. your chance to give back all day. we posted a link for you to get involved on twitter as well. we'll be back in two minutes. equipment they need.
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==kris//take vo== this follows two waterfront oakland firefighters say they dope have the equipment they need. >> follows two fires in three
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days and the recent, a boat fire yesterday at 5th and embarcadero. officials want a $1 million fireboat, but the city of oakland says it doesn't have money, and requests for a federal port security grant have failed. they say a faster catamaran style fireboat is needed for the emergencies in the estuary and on the bay. >> a platform that could not only be base of operation for rescue but safe harbor for people if we were pulling they'll off of sinking vessel. >> the fire chief says his department can request mutual aid but oakland should have its own top-notch equipment. despite a rainy el nino winter, cal fire leaders say we're not out of the woods when it comes to fire danger. cal fire crews began cutting away as much potential fire fuel as possible. the agency is fighting fire dangers on two different fronts, taking out grasses that grew wildly during the el nino wet
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months, while so many trees did not survive the drought. >> we've had 29 million trees in the forest across california that have been identified as dead and still standing. >> cal fire launched the brush leaning to kick off fire safety awareness this week. they will be at lexington reservoir, south of los gatos today. speaking of trees, san francisco leaders may decide the fate of a pine tree. at the center of a neighborhood. it involves property in laurel heights. the owner wants to chop down the pine in his own backyard. neighbors have been fighting that plan, saying the tree is an important part of the neighborhood landscape. supervisors are expected to decide today if that tree should be granted landmark status. coming up -- the plea deal that will give a family of two murder victims some closure. plus -- >> whole truck just kept going and going but my whole world
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everything around it stopped and all i saw was that. it was sad. >> a tragedy on the tracks. i'm vicky nguyen. the deadly danger for drivers that some say can and should be omni!!ted. =reopen omni!!= =kris//2shot= how safe are the railroad crossings in the bay area?
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traffic flows when the light is ever wondered how safe are the railroad crossings in your neighborhood? traffic flows when the light is green and railroad gates are up. >> but we've uncovered serious problems, crashes that could have been prevented. senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen joins us. >> talking about these maintenance of vehicles, they travel on the tracks to take out old railroad spikes but we learned the massive cars do not
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trigger the crossing gates to go down, leaving drivers at risk of serious and fatal crashes. >> reporter: a friday afternoon last january, don williams, driving home early -- >> came home every day. >> reporter: -- to see his wife of 24 years, amy. >> he was just one of a kind. >> reporter: don had a green light to make a left at maston and monterey. sarah, making a right, stopped short. i saw something moving in the co corner of my eye, it was a train. i stopped. i thought the rail guards didn't go down, that's weird. and then right then. >> reporter: the off-duty police officer rushed to help but, don couldn't hold on. >> the whole truck just kept going and going but my whole world, everything around it stopped and all i saw was that. >> don was -- sorry -- he was
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one in a million, really. he just, you know, was there for everyone. >> reporter: accident reports reveal this maintenance vehicle was traveling 15 miles an hour when it plowed into the side of don's truck. the crossing gates did not go down. >> it's just a blur. just -- it's -- i don't really remember. >> reporter: it appears this was not an isolated incident. we found videos posted on youtube showing these maintenance vehicles passing through intersections without warning all over the country. the investigative unit has learned, in the past five years, 187 maintenance of way vehicles collided with cars injuring 68, killing two. including don. >> it's just outrageous. >> reporter: bob comber is a railroad safety expert who has ininvestigated more than 400 train collisions and testified
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in multiple trials against railroad companies. this is a known safety concern. recognized by the federal railroad administration. the agency says, unlike trains, roadway maintenance machines do not always trigger activation of warning device systems and no most cases, they're not designed to. the government allows companies to create their own standards how to safety operate these machines. comber says making matters worse, safety technology on the railroads is severely outdated. >> it gets people killed, injured. a perfect example of the railroad company to use 1872 te technology to detect trains. it should have replaced high-tech train detection over 50 years. >> reporter: but it's the system used by companies nationwide, including union pacific, the company in charge of the vehicle that killed don. after the crash, u.p. told
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several investigators it was to stay within 50 feet to ensure the gates would go down. if gates and lights didn't activate, the lights were to stop and workers to flag the crossing. >> what was going on is absolute negligence and madness on the part of these people. they know better yet doing it anyhow. >> reporter: witnesses say the trains crosses one other intersection without triggering gates. at sixth street in gilroy, another driver told chp her husband yelled at her to stop as the train entered the intersection. the witness told police she was worried about other vehicles in the area. >> i believe that u.p. or whoever are the regulators should really look at this. >> reporter: union pacific declined our request for an interview and declined to answer specific questions. in a statement, the company said, immediately after the accident, u.p. met with federal
11:35 am
regulators and reviewed rules. the company said safeties a top priority. u.p. said it regularly tests employees and made rule changes after the crash. federal investigators found the operator of the vehicle at fault for riding backwards. u.p. disciplined him with no time off, and two days of safety rules training. meanwhile, the federal railroad administration didn't issue any penalties against u.p. saying the company didn't violate any federal regulations. the agency did issue this, a safety advisory in the wake of don will. as' death, urging railroads to review safety rules. the fra declined to be interviewed. >> the federal railroad administration should be saying there's gross negligence on the part of the railroad, the operator, and supervisor and it is an industry that is regulating itself. >> i think something should have been done so much sooner. this was such a preventible
11:36 am
tragedy. >> reporter: for widow amy will. as, questions remain, why did this happen? when will it happen again? >> we just totally trust the system will work. i don't want this to happen to anybody else, because i don't. >> amy is suing union pacific. she urges drive to look both ways before crossing any tracks. we've also just learned the santa clara district attorney issued an arrest warrant for the operator of that vehicle. it affects so many people. >> i'm so glad you did this story. i didn't know it was a thing. never occurred this was a problem. >> right. >> you see the railroad crossings when they come down, sometimes people try to cheat those, that's on them. but i didn't know that you could cross a train track and be injured -- >> and not have them come down. so many have no clue. these are not small vehicles.
11:37 am
the rail vehicles are anywhere from 10 to 100 tons and they have safety rules. there are precautions. if the safety systems in place don't work and you as a driver are going to turn on a green light, he was following all of the rules of the road and to have this happen, it raises so many yeses about how many other times this happened. as the widow has said, it was so preventible. >> they have yielded change in the past. hopefully that will change this time. >> that is our hope. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, send e-mail to the >> a new plea deal to provide answers for a murder of a hiker in fairfax. one of drifters accused in both murders has agreed to a plea deal in exchange to testify against his friends. the prosecutors are hoping testimony from 24-year-old shawn
11:38 am
michael angoal will put the other two suspects behind bars for life. people in fairfax troubled by the murders hope the truth provides some healing. >> maybe it helps his family, some way we'll never know or other people as well. hope there's positivity that comes out of this. >> one of the victims' widow battling cancer told us, quote, i trust that justice will be served to the fullest extent for the un-barbable and unforgivable murders and today's events will support this goal. >> a preliminary hearing is scheduled for may 9th. angold is expected to take the stand. a man is facing murder charges after a deadly convenience store shooting in the east bay. antioch place say thomas williams junior exchanged heated words with his ex-girlfriend outside a quick stop store yesterday. he followed her inside and shot her to death. the store's clerk was shot in the arm. he is expected to be okay. the clerk's father, though, says
11:39 am
it is the second time that his son has come face-to-face with a gun since he started working at that store. >> i don't think he should be going back to work there myself. twice within a year? >> williams remains jailed at martinez detention facility. two san jose families without a home after a mysterious barn fire. we have cell phone video of one of the homes in flames. it happened in the mobile home park on capital avenue yesterday. officials say it started inside an old bar in a vacant lot outside the park. elderly woman was left in one of the homes. nobody hurt. no word on the cause. too many dirty couches and mattresses being dumped on streets of san jose. leaders are ready to take action. reward program is being proposed to capture illegal dumpers. people can get up to $1,000 for turning other people in. reward program also applies to stopping graffiti vandals.
11:40 am
city council will discuss that proposal tonight. google giving back to flint, michigan. big donation to help people struggling with the water crisis. >> scott, talking about $2.85 million and counting. just since midnight to help a bunn group of nonprofits. get ready to dust off the umbrellas. rain in the forecast before the end of the week. i'll detail and a look ahead to the weekend. appreciate sv gives." runs=:12
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kris//2shot that's one of the hundreds of charities benefiting from it's -- it definitely helps. last year we were able to triple our amount of money we raised in previous years. we really, really appreciate it. >> speaking on behalf of one of the hundreds of charities benefitting from today's marathon fund-raiser, silicon valley gives. >> event raised close to $16 million over the past two years. let's check back in with nbc bay area's bob redell in san jose to see how we're doing today. good morning. >> of course, being put on by the silicon valley community foundation, started midnight last night, 24-hour marathon. go to the website, they are $2.87 million, increase of a couple thousands sense you
11:44 am
saw us two minutes ago. it's going to help hundreds of local nonprofits. we have austin here. pack-a-back. >> our mission to provide backpacks and school plies for children in need to get a good education and follow their dreams. fulfill a back back, fulfill a dream. >> olivia here, raising a reader. >> a literacy program that supports families with children ages birth through 8 to develop, practice, maintain book sharing habits through book rotations and the red bag and library connections. right now we serve more than 15,000 children in the bay area and hoping to serve more! >> reporter: the boys and girls clubs of silicon valley. wendy? >> reporter: there you are. standing there a minute ago. you switched. this is confusing. >> all donations go to serve
11:45 am
after school and summer enrichment programs for children, use across the silicon valley from 6 to 12. >> reporter: we have the stan bridge academy. mary with art in action. >> art in action is nonprofits that fulfills an educational gap by providing visual arts curriculum for kindergarten and eighth grade students. we are here to give kids art in schools that can't afford it and organizations like the boys and girls clubs. >> thank you to everyone here supporting this great cause. i'll take a look at the number. still at $2.8. since midnight. halfway through the day. last year they raised close to 8 million. they'd love to beat that. go to or nbcbayarea.commer or go to your safeway, santa clara, san mateo,
11:46 am
san francisco. they'll have booths out there. >> bob does that every year. >> pick a cause, any cause. there is time for you to donate to find a link to silicon valley gives. go to, click on the tab at the very top of our home page. once you get to the link, you scroll down, and there are $3 million in matching grants. even if you can only give $10 you end up giving $20 if you go there and find a company going to match your grant. love that. >> or let it go to general fund. >> either one, it's a win/win. >> fabulous. check the weather. >> weather's a win/win, too. we get much needed rain in some parts of the bay area, we may be watching out for potential for storms over the next couple of days. look outside at the golden gate bridge. we see cloudy skies. and this is pretty much the picture you'll see for the next couple of days. as this weather system slowly
11:47 am
moves over the bay area. as we get a look at the satellite and radar, we see that there's some spotty rain, starting to make its way into the north bay. but as of yet we haven't seen any measurable downpours. i think we'll see that holding off until tomorrow. but still, cloudy and a chance of sprinkles here and there temperaturewise, in the upper 50s to low 60s. even mid-60s in the east bay and south bay. as we get a closer look at north bay, napa 66. 69 degrees in navato and our temperatures are still fairly comfortable as we see rain holding off. as we break it down for oakland, 1:00, 66 degrees, upper 60s. some spots cooler than average. but a breezy one and mostly cloudy skies throughout rest of the evening. a look at all of the microclimates today. highs low 70s in los gatos and santa rosa, 65. peaks of sun in the try vally.
11:48 am
livermore 73. so, this weather system moving in shows that we'll have a slight chance of rain tomorrow. not expecting this to be a waveout. you want to make sure you have the umbrella handy in case. thursday we'll have more of a coverage of rain and possibility of more energy in the atmosphere, could produce some of those isolated thunderstorms and small hail. watching outer to that, not only thursday but friday as well. and then on saturday, the system continues to move off to the east. that could mean rain and high elevation snow in the sierra. and then the system continues to make its track on away from the bay area. high pressure moves in, and we'll have some gusty winds by the end of the weekend. rainfall totals don't look like that much. up to a tenth of an inch in san jose. more for livermore. we may barely be measuring reason for the next couple of days for most of our viewing area. looking at 66 degrees on
11:49 am
thursday, 68 degrees wednesday. and then peninsula up into the mid-60s, temperatures continue to go down. rain chances go up into the mid-60s as well for the north bay. by the end of the week, looking ahead to the weekend, we will start to see this weather system moving out by sunday. once again, it will be windy, but warmer temperatures with highs in the low to mid-70s. >> thank you mump. coming up -- airlines raking in record profits and it's translating to smoother flights for travelers. the changes, after the industry pulls in $26 billion profit.
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==scott/2shot== google is helping flint, michigan fix its lead- contaminated water supply. welcome back. google helping flint, michigan, f fix its lead contaminated water supply. $150,000 will go researchers at
11:52 am
university of michiganny to predict which homes are most impacted. another $100,000 go to nonprofits to help the people of flint. >> in 2015, the nation's airlines raked in record profits. in fact, airline profits tripled from 2014. >> it is the result of packed planes and baggage fees that we have been paying. but, there's good news for flyers. nbc's tom costello on how far your dollar will get you now. >> for the nation's airlines, skies are awfully friendly these days. nearly $26 billion in profits in 2015. with hate the baggage fees accounting for $4 billion. >> i don't like to have to pay for a bag to be checked so i'm going somewhere, i'm obviously bringing a bag. >> reporter: it's the rock bottom oil prices that have made fueling a plane cheaper. >> jet fuel is anywhere from our first or second cost, depending how high it is. >> reporter: what are the airlines doing with the cash? replacing aging aircraft, on average, one a day, upgrading lounges and paying employees
11:53 am
more, also adding new mobile phone apps, streaming entertainment. good news for passengers, roreports fares are their lowest. into new york, 224, 14 cheaper than a year ago. denver, 26 cheaper this year. $30 cheaper into chicago. $42 cheaper into l.a.x. and into orlando, $55 cheaper. more pocket money for hotel, meals, entertainment. heading into summer, air fares expected to rise slightly but remain lower than last year, even for most international destinations. >> what we expect air fare will peak in june. >> reporter: planes will be packed this summer. >> tom costello reporting. tsa does not have enough screeners to handle the 2
11:54 am
million people who fly each day. you may have noticed last time you headed to the airport. for the first time, astronomers
11:55 am
11:56 am
found three biggest fears may come true. life could exist beyond planet earth. for the first time, astronomers found three earth-like planets 40 light-years away. the sizes and temperatures of those worlds are comparable to those of earth, and convenient flus, and that could mean water on the planet which is critical
11:57 am
for life to exist. scientists made that discovery using a special telescope in chile. >> 40 light-years away, if they started now. >> i don't want to be probed. >> we'll make a note of that. >> probe your weather. >> looks all right. you don't have to worry about any spaceships coming through the clouds. a live look at microclimate, 59 in san francisco. in the mid-60s, low 70s, not bad at all. rain holding off with the exception of a couple of sprinkles. we'll be watching out for active weather in the next couple of days. >> my reveal too much of my personal stuff. >> afraid of martians. our next newscast at 5:00.
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♪ beyonce, boom! kendall jenner, boom! . taylor swift, boom! kerry washington is pregnant with a baby boom and there is kanye and kim. >> blue eyes, hello. >> it is fashion's biggest night, my friends, the met gala. we have it covered like only "access hollywood live" can do. >> guys, i love this night. it is the oscars of fashion. it is the biggest party. it is all to raise money for the costume institute. you have to be invited by


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